Early Learning for children aged 6-weeks to Kindergarten.
Opening January 2021.

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High quality early learning facility, part of the wider St Joseph’s Nudgee College Community.

Edmund Rice Education Australia have decided to establish a high quality Early Learning Centre at Boondall, opening in January, 2021. While the ELC will be an independent education entity, it will be part of the wider St Joseph’s Nudgee College Community, and is housed within the College campus on the northside of Brisbane.

Discover the beautifully appointed Mary Rice Early Learning Centre – and help your child develop a love for their lifetime learning journey

A fully inclusive fee structure

Our centre will be a full service centre, open from 6.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday, 50 weeks per year. Our offering goes above and beyond that of a traditional centre. Included in your fee are;

  • Nutritious lunch and snacks with our seasonal menu plans
  • Nappies and wipes
  • Hats and sunscreen
  • Sheets and Linen
  • Specialist Programs to stimulate your child’s creativity and development
  • All Incursions and excursions

Our program principles

Our program is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework Principles, Practices and Learning Outcomes.

By engaging children in a diverse curriculum that makes learning enjoyable and rewarding, we ensure that your child can reach their full potential, and develop a lifetime love for learning.


We know the importance of meeting the nutritional needs of children whilst they are in our care. Our comprehensive and holistic approach to seasonal menu offerings have been developed by a paediatric nutritionist and feeding consultant.

All meals are prepared in our commercial kitchen, enabling the children in our care to enjoy nourishing, nutritionally-balanced foods. Our weekly menu meal plans also cater for allergies and dietary requirements.

Our beautifully appointed centre

Our beautifully appointed 9 room centre contains a shared performance space, art studio, library and demonstration kitchen.

Our spaces have been planned with appropriate levels of challenge to encourage children to explore, investigate, experiment and take appropriate risks in their learning, while gaining a strong sense of belonging in our Mary Rice community.

Specialist Programs to stimulate creativity and development

Children will have access to designated spaces for educational support services – such as occupational therapists and speech pathologists. We will offer gross motor workshops, music and language sessions as part of our weekly curriculum.

Amazing play spaces in the REAL outdoors.

Our playground and green spaces are a nature lover’s dream come true. Our programs aim to achieve a sense of wonder, feeling, belonging to, and love of the land – our hope is this develops respect, positivity, and proactive attitudes towards our environment, and a sustainable future.

Our Educators play a significant role in offering children direct experiences with nature and being positive role models. Our natural playground is designed to engage every child in quality experiences in the outdoor environment.

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Mary Rice Early Learning Centre is a special place where children are respected, play is valued, and community is key.

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Mary Rice Early Learning Centre